Welcome to Chemline Products

At Chemline Products, our mission is to serve our customers by providing superior products to meet their chemical needs, exceptional technical support and resourceful innovations through our continuing search for the best solutions to their problems. 


We are committed to continuously adapting to meet our customers’ needs.  It’s not enough to have high-quality products, we also have the technical support system to back those up.  Our products must meet our high quality specifications as well as meeting our customer’s specifications.  We pride ourselves on a safe and clean work environment.

What we offer

• Innovative custom blended coagulants
• Heavy metal precipitants
• Flocculants

• Emulsion Breakers

• Odor Control
• Improve performance by allowing you to comingle your
to treat streams.

Contact Us

For inquires about our in-stock products or other chemicals, contact us at:

Chemline Products Co
John Horton | john@chemlineproducts.com | (562) 230-9166
15579 Graham St, Huntington Beach, CA 92649